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A Life Full of Life

Sponsoring Lives, In A Holistic Way

Human life. Sounds familiar? Yes, but unfortunately it’s one of the most devaluated terms nowadays. When complexities and hard times happen, the term, ‘life’ sadly sinks to the depths of vagueness. Disoriented thinking, fatigued mindset and diminishing spirit. Enough, But your health is under threat. The reason is; diseases are on their way to make your life more catastrophic.

One moment. Kimaya can help you. Because it’s about rejuvenation. Taking Focal point of energy from various existing therapies we at Kimaya have derived the extensive Kimaya treatments, those meant to nourish and pamper the body, mind and spirit.

We, Kimaya Healthcare Ltd., are committed to provide you those total health solutions through Kimaya Therapy. Taking you to a fruitful world of total peace to the mind and body is our vow and commitment. A dream project conceived by dynamic Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Vikram Doshi and nourished by a team of over 50 highly qualified doctors and allied health professionals. The Kimaya group aims to mark a remarkable height in the current health scenario.

Preceding 14 years. The time that has been dedicated to research and studies in health care niceties heralds our futuristic vision. An inspired team of doctors working exclusively on the project of promoting Kimaya philosophy sharpens our focus. Our associations with reputed bodies like Central Drug Institute and other international societies in preventive healthcare have helped us achieved this great position and attitude. Today, our activities are supported by an extensive website on healthcare and over 37 publications including an Encyclopedia of Health.


Kimaya is not a hospital or a resort which represents disease and luxury respectively. Kimaya is about wellness, which is exactly midway in these extremes. By wellness we mean a fit body, sound mind and pepped up spirit. We aim to achieve the same. Kimaya is based on a firm philosophy represented by eight pillars of life.

  • Nutrition The Harmonizing Energy Source
  • Nurturing Relaxation Habit
  • Meditative Sex Life
  • Reviving Meditation
  • Indoctrinated Mind
  • Exploring Your True Potential 
  • Wowing Your Spirit

A detailed description of these pillars and the entire Kimaya philosophy can be reviewed in our dedicated website www.kimayawellness.com


  • Books And Publications

The Encyclopedia of Your Health covers different health care areas and describes even the minute details. Sure, it will be a worthy asset for a healthy living. It’s made very simple and comprehensible so that you get the maximum information even at the complex points.

The Kimaya Life & Style Magazine a bi-monthly periodical which covers various areas of wellness and lifestyle. The magazine covers regular features based on eight pillars, news in Wellness-Lifestyle sectors, Nutritious Menu, Health Horoscope, Newly introduced gadgets and food supplements, Featured Therapy Interviews of eminent personalities in Wellness and many more.

Other publications on alternative systems of medicines, various treatment systems and other health related topics are also coming up.

  • WEBSITE : www.kimayahealthcare.com

This website contains over 1,00,000 pages of information on various therapies, human anatomy, ailments, systems, wellness programs, and much much more. The website is designed in a very user friendly manner providing execellent navigation and cross referencing. It would be a valuable reference hub for all the people, especially Medical students and Healthcare Professionals.

Online Consultation

This facility is available only to the registered members. With the provided login name and password, members can directly consult with our Team of Kimaya Therapists.


Kimaya Wellness Center

To provide people with utmost care and medical services of various Kimaya Treatments is the objective Kimaya Wellness Center. Sprawling over 20,000sq.ft, this preventive healthcare clinic is committed to confer the best treatments available.

Kimaya Institute of Doctorate

Kimaya Medicine is a science. It needs to be taught, practiced and dispensed in a scientific method. To achieve this purpose, certification courses are designed here in the Kimaya Institute of Doctorate for medical students who want to specialize in Kimaya Medicine. Experts in the field of Kimaya Medicine outline the syllabus of these courses. Apart with the Theory Credits, these students have to go through a rotational practical training in all the departments of the Wellness Center, thereby creating a Holistic Therapist in a true manner.

Kimaya Shoppe

Kimaya Health Shoppe is a one-point resource store for all the health care items and consumables. The superstore stocks everything from health and fitness items to food supplements and vitamins. The equipments, products and consumables listed in the website as well as the health encyclopedia will be available in this superstore. Similar models of this Shoppe will be opened through franchised networks in all the leading urban cities.

Here Is Our Say

Sprouting smiles rather than tiring looks. That’s our vision, mission and dedication. The result? Rejuvenated hearts and bodies. While working like unified minds, nothing else we value. So here is the last word; ‘Vision inspires, mission shows the way and our work makes us prominent’.

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Disclaimer: Medical information obtained from our website is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. If you have or suspect a problem, you should consult your physician  
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